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Stuff About Football

Bouncing around the web looking at football, and footy related stuff.

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Different kinds of football

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Football stuff

A web site devoted to stories, articles – perhaps some reviews – and general ongoing comments about football and football related trivia, odds and ends and… other stuff.

This is especially focused on trying to list different types of football from around the world, along with various bits of related information about them.

This includes information about the makeup of the teams, number of players and so on, how goals and points are scored, as well as information about the shape of the balls, the pitches (or oval in the case of Australian Rules) and some major competitions.

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Different kinds of football

How many codes of football are there? Three? Four? More?

How many different types of football are there?

And here are more different styles of football.

As well as Association football, the site contains information about the following football codes; Rugby Football (both Rugby Union and Rugby League), Australian Rules Football (or AFL), American Football, Gaelic Football, as well as a few lesser known types of football.


Well, why not really? Sure, most of this information is available on various sites around the web, but perhaps not in as simple and concise a manner as here. This site doesn't go into massive detail, but sometimes the basics are all we want to know, without having to wade through huge volumes in libraries, or large websites.

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Many people think that Association football (soccer) pitches all have to be an exact standard size. But actually, as long as it fits within certain measurements, the size of a football pitch can vary to some degree.

Or can it? Well, this is apparently not as straightforward an answer as might be thought, when applied to important international football matches.

Indeed it seems that international football pitch sizes may now be subject to more strict guidelines.